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All artists played on BMC-THE-FUNKLOPEDIK-RADIO with names beginning with X.

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All FUNK artists on BMC-RADIO with name beginning with letter X

ARTIST NAME - Title track - Duration / Media support information.
 XANADU & SWEET LADY - Rappers Delight (6:19)
 Media info: 12 Single - Joe Gibbs Music JGMD 8079
 XAVIER - Do It To The Max (5:55)
 Media info: 12 Single - Liberty SP-218
 XAVIER - Do it to the max (5:55)
 Media info: Funk to the Max Disc 1
 XAVIER - Rock Me Sock Me | 1981 (5:16)
 Media info: 
 XAVIER - What Goes Around (4:33)
 Media info: 
 XAVIER - Work That Sucker To Death (6:59)
 Media info: Funky Collector 7
 XTASY - Eje Kajo (3:47)
 Media info: LP: "Selftitled" - BEN BRUCE RECORDS NIGERIA BBR 001
 XTASY - Isale Eko (4:50)
 Media info: LP: "Selftitled" - BEN BRUCE RECORDS NIGERIA BBR 001
 XTASY - Throwdown (3:50)
 Media info: LP: "Selftitled" - BEN BRUCE RECORDS NIGERIA BBR 001
 Media info: 
 Xit - Nihaa Shil Hozho (I Am Happy About You) - 1972 - THE COMPLETE SINGLE COLLECTION VOL12A-CD3 (2:59)
 Media info: 
 Xit - Nihaa Shil Hozho (I Am Happy About You, stereo promo version) - 1972 - THE COMPLETE SINGLE COLLECTION VOL12A-CD3 (3:01)
 Media info: 
 Xzibit - Piece (0:42)
 Media info: Still More Bounce : Tribute to Roger Troutman

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