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The FUNK reference radio.

Since 2009, everywhere in France and all aroud the world, 24h / 24h, 7d / 7d. More than 40 years of musical expertise on FUNK. The one and only radio to offer FREELY rare and unpublished titles. since 2009 number one FUNK radio

Funkateers Island

Funkycollectors radio

Video of our vinyls.

This what a FUNK COLLECTION looks like. We've collecting funk, soul, rap vinyls since 40 years... From all around the world.

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Funkycollectors radio

FUNK on the decks

Another groove title playing online for free listening! and it's not over! We offer more than 20,000 songs from our personal collection! Is the FUNK dead? No, he is alive and well alive..

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Funkycollectors radio

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You just enjoyed a song ? Don't hesitate to consult this official Playlist in order to obtain the exact references of the track and the artist. (Include date and timing of broadcast).

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Funkycollectors radio

Broadcasted every 3 hours.

POWERPLAY: A new title especially selected by the radio staff, and played frequently. In this way we bring our support to the most recent and modern FUNK compositions.

All Played Poverplays...Power-PLay are available,only in english text
Selected new funk titles played as powerplay - High rotation

100% Pure FUNK

Funkycollectors radio

Here, FUNK under all its variations!

Our philosophy: As soon as a track is GROOVY, you may listen to it on BMC,no matter the decade, the country of origin, the origin, we add it to the programming ....

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The sound barrier !

Funkycollectors radio

Since 1975 we collect
any funk vinyl.

We are in touch with all vinyl record stores for more than 40 years. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information, research, and advice to enrich your personal collections.

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A complete wall of funk vinyls

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Funkycollectors radio

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Latest posts and feedback on our facebook, don't hesistate to converse. The more we are, the more FUNK live. Don't forget to visit our Ultimate FUNK Database project.

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Funkycollectors radio

needs you!.

Whenever you are composer, musician, graphist, D.J., come on, join the "MASTERFUNK FAMILY"...

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Official vidéos from the MASTERFUNK FAMILY. Retreive MIKE's productions...


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Black-Music-Collectors use spatial audio Sam-Broadcaster software BMC-THE FUNKLOPEDIK RADIO is hosted on a streaming server BMC-RADIO use la Centova Technologies Inc. BMC radio is covered by Socan 2020 icence concerning authors copyright for broadcasted titles

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BMC radio 2018 broadcasts

BLACK MUSIC COLLECTORS has been broadcasting since 2009 on the web. All the titles played, come from our own collections of vinyls and are ripped on digital support and then remastered. Well, we used to call the musical base of the radio, the "Jurassic Funk" musicial base, because already more than 20,000 titles are already in rotation here! And it's not over...

The radio broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without interruption. We have not established an broadcasting schedule. So you will hear on the airwaves, a non-stop show subtly mixing the different musical FUNK genres. We focus on the titles selection, their programming their sound quality.

Ready for a FUNKTASTIC music experience? Do not search anymore. The creme of FUNK is here and nowhere else. Listen, enjoy, share, come back, talk about it! ...

Our internet provider (Box) nevertheless imposes us a brief weekly break of 1 to 2 minutes.

Content of BMC-RADIO Programs:

Artists played on radio BMC: Cameo, T-Connection, Save, Steve Arrington, General Kane, Dayton, Switch, Chocolate Milk, Earth, Wind & Fire, James Brown, Prince, André Cymone, Average White Band, Bohannon, Brick, Chic, Dazz Band, Fatback, Graham Central Station, Mass Production, MTume, One Way, Shock, Roy Ayers,

BMC: The power of FUNK

FUNK artists frequently played on among others : Cameo, T-Connection, Slave, Steve Arrington, General Kane, Dayton, Switch, Chocolate Milk, Earth, Wind & Fire, James Brown, Parliament, Boosty Collins, Prince, André Cymone, Average White Band, Bohannon, Brick, Chic, Dazz Band, Fatback, Graham Central Station, Mass Production, MTume, One Way, Shock, Roy Ayers, Slapbak, The Stonefunkers, and many many more...

1978 the birth of rap and du Hip-Hop culture, The-Get-Down, BMC plays Afrika Bambaataa, C.C. Crew, Camelot II, Captain Sky, Count Coolout, Doctor Ice, Doug E. Fresh, Grandmaster Flash, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Jimmy Spicer, Kurtis Blow, Master Jay, Phase II, Spoonie Gee, The Disco Four, The Treacherous Three, Warp 9

"The Get Down"!

"Old school" rap is the ancestor of modern rap and hip-hop. It all begun back in the days in 1978, and we invite you to (re) discover most of those classics of that period (1978 to 1984), but also to listen to many unknown Rap tracks, that were too difficult to purchase at that time.
You can listen here to; Afrika Bambaataa, C.C. Crew, Camelot II, Captain Sky, Count Coolout, Doctor Ice, Doug E. Fresh, Grandmaster Flash, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Jimmy Spicer, Kurtis Blow, Master Jay, Phase II, Spoonie Gee, The Disco Four, The Treacherous Three, Warp 9, Lady B and other lost treasures...and, as an evidence, the fabulous SUGAR HILL records back catalogue is also programmed on our waves.

To relive the genesis of Hip-Hop culture watch The Get Down SERIES sur Netflix.

The Masterfunk family, an active FUNK Community.

The Masterfunk Family.

The MasterFunk Familly is a concept that dates back to the early 1980s (in local area NANCY), and the emergence of free radio in France. MasterFfunk was originally a radio program hosted by Mike Mini, which came back from the ashes thanks to BMC on the air as internet program since 2015 .

MasterFunk is also a collective that gravitates in the musical world , including through the International Music Academy of Nancy, but also in art and Hip-Hop culture .

En savoir plus sur la M.A.I de NANCY

The Funklopedik Masters Series, a BMC-radio program highlighting discographic retrospectives of artist

Sound retrospectives on Artists and groups

BMC aims to discover through the programmed titles, majors artists and Funk groups discography, but also to highlight those lesser-known artists, for which we believe it' s time to give them spotlight, and show respect for their contributions. A work of sound memory, in a way.

Per exemple, we already highlighted the discographies of: Cameo, Bohannon, Foxy, The Reddings, Larry Graham, ... Prince

Born in the late 1970s, GoGo music is a subgenre of FUNK music; founder of the go-go music is the musician Chuck Brown

Say What ? (Gogo lexicon term)

Go-Go is a specific sub-musical FUNK gender, very percussive and limited to the area of Washington D.C. Go-Go music is traditionnaly played live, in public.

If you love bass, percussion, repetitive rhythms, congos, timbales/roto-toms, drums, cowbell, keyboards, bass and lead guitar and enchanting chorus...well, that is Gogo music: stay on BMC , and hear the artists of this historical musical movement such as Chuck Brown, Trouble Funk, Experience Unilimited, Mass Extension, but also Northeast Groovers, Optymistic Tribe, Rare Essence...and many of the local scene in Washington

With Gogo, the music beat never stops but keeps going on and on.

Saturdays programs of BMC-Radio are dancefloor oriented with Disco-Funk titles. Dance with your free radio from 22 h until early sunday morning.

BMC is also DISCO-FUNK on saturdays

"Thanks God it's Friday!",.. as in the heyday of early Disco days in 1975 , it's time to go to the " Boogie Palace" and to have a damned good time dancing.

On Saturday we offer you to listen to more dance oriented tracks, playing some very rare pieces frop our collection that we usually classify on our part as "Obscure Disco" or " Disco unlikely" styles, plus also titles from the early 1973/1974 years which at the time were not stamped Disco but witch finally are an evolution of funk.

ON week-ends: It's "Party Time"on BMC radio!

BMC-FUNKLOPEDIK radio broadcast the catalogs of legendary record companies such as PRELUDE, SOLAR, TABU, SUGARHILL, P.I.R RECORDS.

Legendary imprint labels are on  BMC !

BMC also highlights the back catalogs of the most iconic Funk and Groove-Funk record labels from New York City and from the U.S. These records co. have been the most influential in funk history.

So be happy, you can listen to them now, and find back titles from the catalogs that became essentials thru the decades such as SALSOUL, PRELUDE, WEST-END, SOLAR, TABU and of course MOTOWN and PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIONAL.

African funk exist. In countries like Nigeria, Ghana, musicians playing funk-african, soul-african, even disco-african were frequent in the seventies and heigties

BMC's African FUNK!

Since the start of the 2017 academic year, we thought that including in our program the best of African funk and soul was an evidence. Finally few know it, but African continent, and more particularly certain countries such as Nigeria and Ghana have seen the birth of recordings worthy of the greatest soul and funk grooves .

Listen regularly to our "African Funk" sequences, find back Steve BLACK, The FUNKEES, BLO, Joe KEMPFA, Geraldo PINO and get back the origins of black music, get back to MOTHER AFRICA. You might be surprised. This is a BMC-EXCLUSIVITY, and we are proud of it ...

the ICEMOSIS movie picture project

"ICEMOSIS" what is this ?

Imagine a movie about the history of the group CAMEO ? His training through his first recordings, signing the contract with a major and his first concerts ? A short film about the history of the ... FUNK and CAMEO .

Well , this is the ICEMOSIS project, initiated by Nate C. Williams, and we fervently hope that it will succeed. Therefore, here we support him for years. You can according to our programming hear three tracks recorded by the fictional band, but actually composed and performed by none other than Tomi Jenkins himself !!!

  • BMC radio: the FUNK is on

    BMC: the power of FUNK

    Broadcasting live and free 24/7

  • BMC radio: old school rap and hip-hop

    BMC, Ol' School Rap and Hip-Hop

    Rap and Hip-Hop rareties...

  • BMC radio: memeber of the MASTERFUNK family

    BMC, this is MasterFunk family

    Our station is one of the MASTERFUNK project...

  • BMC radio: audio biographies

    BMC: it's also discographies

    Tribute programs dedicated to Artists...

  • BMC radio: supports washington D.C go-go

    BMC: is also Whashington D.C. Go-Go

    From Washington D.C. Funk from the Capitol...

  • BMC radio:plays african funk

    BMC is African FUNK!.

    Exclusive: African Funk/Soul sequences ...

  • BMC radio: the legends labels


    And other legendary imprint labels...

  • BMC radio: 1973 disco-funk explosion

    BMC, it' also Disco-Funk

    Back to the LOFT in 1975, every week-end...

  • BMC radio supports the ICEMOSIS movie project

    BMC and the ICEMOSIS project

    A unique FUNK movie project...

BMC radio executive staff

A team of FUNK music historians, well-known collectors, we deliver a maximum of unlikely sounds online for free !

Black-Music-Colectors radio executive staff: Mike MINI

"Masterfunk" Mike

Technical Manager

Sound engineer, animation, jingles producer, video editing, and in charge of the "MasterFunk On Radio ©", "MasterFunk On TV ©" and the "Bass Battle" of the MAI ...

Black-Music-Colectors radio executive staff: Laurent THIEBAUT

Laurent" "12:25"

Director of Programs

Founder of the webradio. Technical in charge of the "Live" platform. In charge of "Funklopedik Masters Series ©" broadcast. Person in charge of communication and advertising website spaces.

Black-Music-Colectors radio executive staff: Bernard KOSKOWITZ

Bernard "K"

Musical programming, Vinyls remasterisation, digital archivings

In charge of "Witness Of My Soul©" programs

About the BMC radio team:

Back in time ... In fact we all met around 1980, through our growing passion ... FUNK music. We all three also participated in the birth of several French "Pirate" free radios in the area of Nancy in the 1980s (Vitamin '101, Agora Fm, to name a few...), and it is also there that the fell of Mike for FM radio was born. He then worked for the national french NRJ Group in Nancy for more than 15 years.

Bernard, originally officiated as a D.J. in a well known club in NANCY (Le Kent) and has been for a long time in the circle of record stores, independent (Orpheus Music) or as a collaborator around the grand Est area (Le Hall Du Livre, Nuggets Nancy).

As for Laurent, although professionally he moved toward a complete different horizon, his musical passion has always been there and exponential. It was the start of collecting vinyls with fury !

So when in 2008, a belgium start-up, based in Brussels, launched its project, we immediately contacted them and submited the project of our BMC radio. BMC radio was one of the first radio to be accepted on that platform, and the adventure started. Since, we have occured changes, we have evolved, change our streaming provider, but we are proud to share all these funky grooves all thru the world thanks to our radio, and for free and without any advertising on air.

 Our studios:

Our stream is broadcasted via Toronto Cast based servers in CANADA, and so is legaly covered by authors copyrights thru SOCAN


The Funk ingredients:

  • 100% funk guaranteed

  • A majority of titles from years 1975-1985

  • Some Rap, Washington D.C. Go-Go and "Brit-Funk"

  • A dose of MOTOWN and legendary labels (SALSOUL, SOLAR...)

BMC musical sources

Of course, a large majority of our programming comes from songs recorded in the United States . But this is not our only source of inspiration. We also broadcast artists from England, France , Germany, or from Africa, because FUNK is international and universal.
However, if you want to ask us a title to include in the programming , don't hesitate !

Contact Us
A sensation and a specific energetic applied to a regular rhythm.
The funk music is originally ...
sexual music
With the funk tandem bass / drums, wins the first role

Radio music repertoire


All titles broadcasted are from our vinyl collections. We used to travel the world since 1975 to acquire vinyls. To date we have more than 20,000 albums and 12" singles inches in our bins. Everything you hear has been carefully selected and digitized with the utmost care in high quality standard.

All artists played....

FUNK pictures sleeves from our collection.

Any questions ? Any comments ?...

Send your comments to black-music-collectors excecutives, using the form below.

Feel free to contact us, use the form under. We usually answer requests in 48 hours.
Artists, composers, don't hesitate to send us your demos for broadcasting purposes

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